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  • Vertical Filing Cabinet 

  • Lateral Filing Cabinet   

  • Mobile Pedestal Cabinet

  • File Safe Cabinet

  • Flip-top Cabinet

  • Storage Cabinet

  • Mini-Storage Cabinet

  • Utility Cabinet

  • Bookshelves Cabinet                              

  • Steel Shelvings 

  • Steel Locker Cabinet   

  • Wardrobe Cabinet

  • Map and Plan Cabinet

  • Index Card Cabinet

  • All Fire Proof Cabinet

  • Record Steel Safe

  • Mobile File Compactor

  • etc...                              

We accept special made to order.

Click the picture to see product description.

Vertical Filing Cabinet

VFC 4drawers_edited_edited.jpg

Lateral Filing Cabinet

LFC Charcoal (2)_edited.jpg

Mobile Pedestal Cabinet

Mobile Pedestal(new).jpeg

Vertical File Safe Cabinet

Vertical File Safe 4 drawers - 1_edited.

Lateral File Safe Cabinet

Lateral File Safe Cabinet.png

Storage Cabinet - Swing Metal Door


Mini-Storage Cabinet - Swing Metal Door

Mini-Storage Cabinet - Swing Metal Door.

Mini-Storage Cabinet - Sliding Metal Door

Mini-Storage Cabinet - Sliding Metal Doo

Storage Cabinet - Sliding Glass Door


Mini-Storage Cabinet - Sliding Glass Door

MINI Storage Cabinet - Sliding Glass Doo

Utility Cabinet

Utility Cabinet 2D - MTO - 1.jpg

Wardrobe Cabinet


Steel Locker Cabinet

Locker 18 openings_edited.jpg

Steel Shelving - Open Type

Open Shelves Std._edited.jpg

Map and Plan Cabinet

Map & Plan Cabinet_edited.jpg

Index Card Cabinet

Index Card Cabinet 24 drawers with stand

Record Steel Safe Cabinet

Record Safe Cabinet.jpg

Mobile File Compactor

Manila Polo Club(1).jpg
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